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The Cave of Nerja celebrates the 61st anniversary of its discovery

Bet on quality and innovation

The Nerja cave(Málaga) commemorates this Sunday the 61st anniversary that five young people from the town center of Maro discovered the cavity, declared since 2006 as a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC), and celebrated it with an act, in which it was presented We value the current process of innovation and commitment to quality and which have been attended by the discoverers, who have been thanked “their audacity.”

This meeting was attended by the territorial delegate of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, Nuria Rodríguez; the fourth vice president of the Diputación and responsible for the Area of ​​Citizenship and Attention to the Depopulation of the Territory, Natacha Rivas, and the deputy of Equality Lourdes Piña; as well as the manager of the Foundation, José María Domínguez, and the councilors of Nerja.

From the Cueva de Nerja Foundation they have indicated in a statement that the enclave is immersed “in the greatest process of modernization of its history, an objective focused on offering the best possible service to the visitor”, as they have highlighted in the act, in which They have emphasized that it is about “taking care of the people who come to the cave, 441,590 visitors in 2019”.

In this sense, they have indicated that the Cave of Nerja is the first in Spain to reach the Q of Quality, just as the Nerja Museum is the first in Andalusia to obtain this distinction. Also, in the act, the new certifications obtained by the cavity, which are Sicted, Biosphere and Family Tourism, were presented.

The discoverers have guided a visit through the interior of the cave and have told in first person what they felt when they saw the cave on January 12, 1959, making the participants of their tour, their adventures and how they continue to feel united. To this cavity

As for the innovations for 2020, since the foundation they have reviewed the audio guides in 15 languages; the incorporation of children’s audioguide -in Spanish and English-; the return of the cave train in the first quarter “and the 360-degree news that will come in the second half.”